Beneath the cut: the first line of every unfinished piece of fic in my drive dating back a year or less -- minus the ones that are pieces of anon exchange submissions currently in progress.

Maybe I can convince myself to go back and make more progress on some of these for [community profile] seasonofkink or something. I must have some squares that would fit some of these stories. Or [community profile] iddyiddybangbang!

this is a lot of unfinished fic, jeez )

You can totally watch my fandom spread shifting over time there. Some of these are probably abandoned for one reason or another (I still love the concept of troll Hisoka so much, but I don't have an actual idea for a plot) but hopefully I'll get some of them to see the light of day. :B
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Title: Never Seen One That Big
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing(s): Aimee Martin/Eliot Spencer
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 146
Warnings: None
Summary: Give Me One Sentence, I'll Write You Five More: "I've never seen one that big."
A/N: For lynne-monstr
Ao3 Link
DW Link
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live action.

kadoya tsukasa
kr decade

gotou shintarou
kr ooo

kisaragi gentarou
kr fourze

nogami koutarou
kr den-o

sakaki tsukasa
aozora no tamago

carlton lassiter

(slings&arrows) oliver wells
(due south) raymond vecchio
(house md) gregory house
(bill&ted's excellent adventure) ted "theodore" logan
(pirates of the caribbean) james norrington


transformers comics

brave police j-decker

transformers aligned

amon (noatak)
avatar: tlok

rokubungi gendo
nge: angelic days

jet link/002
cyborg 009

(black jack) dr. kiriko
(keroro gunsou) cpl. giroro
(yakitate!! japan) kanmuri shigeru
(damekko doubutsu) yunihiko
(gundam seed) miguel ayman
(kyou kara maou) gwendal von voltaire
(kyou kara maou) murata ken
(kyou kara maou) daikenja


jade curtiss
tales of the abyss

jade balfour
tales of the abyss

(tales of symphonia) regal bryant
(tales of symphonia) yuan kafei
(el shaddai: ascension of the metatron) lucifel
(xenosaga) jin uzuki
(suikodenV) euram barows
(suikodenV) rahal



tōjō masuyo
kr ryuuki

kisaragi mizuki
kr fourze
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([personal profile] batman Jun. 21st, 2017 06:47 am)
I finished Ys VI: Ark of Napisthim, a word that I continue to struggle to spell despite spending several hours reading it.


Well, next up is The Strangest Journey, Ys Seven, and sitting down and playing the Caligula Effect because I have been trying to move it on for a month now.
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([personal profile] thawrecka Jun. 20th, 2017 07:12 pm)
  • I'm not sure what I expected Top Five to be but it was definitely different from whatever that was. I've seen it described as a romantic comedy but, eh, not so much. The romance subplot is important to the film, yes, but it's much more a meditation on celebrity culture, fame and how that works out for black Americans. Chris Rock plays a comedian who is trying to transition into serious drama - some of the stand up at the end is pretty funny, and there's some entertaining (if also cringey) cameos from Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler (the funniest he's been in a long time, though I'm aware that's not saying much) and Whoopi Goldberg. Some of the jokes are just too crude and tired to land, however, and the optimism feels weird and unsettling in a post-Obama world.

    Editing to say I did actually enjoy it, because I'm not sure that's clear from the above.

  • Pitch Perfect 2 is even more cringeworthy than the previous instalment without funny enough jokes to balance out the offensiveness. I can't tell how much of it not working for me is the script and how much is the editing but I found the pacing kind of off. Someone needed to tell everyone involved in the film that offensiveness and ethnic stereotypes aren't funny in and of themselves, and are especially not daring by this point in time. Also, every part with Rebel Wilson was the worst. Some of the performances were good, though the 'Germans' massacred My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up). I also just can't connect to nostalgia for the American college experience, so that part was never going to work for me.

  • I bought Barbarella on blu-ray. It has never been a good film and I don't love it as much as I did at 15, but the boots Jane Fonda gets to wear are still amazing.
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([personal profile] batman Jun. 18th, 2017 09:12 pm)
I finished Nayuta no Kiseki earlier this week and it was genuinely sweet! Unfortunately it has never been localised so I had to play a translated version. The translation was adequate, but it did leave me wondering what XSeed could have done with it. That said, it's a solid adventure and a fun way to spend 20 hours!

Take a shot every time someone talks about the stars, and you can't count the characters' names as one because you will die. )

Next up in my gaming list is Ys: Ark of Napishtim, The Longest Journey ... and I really do need to sit down and focus my attention on The Caligula Effect.
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I was in my local excellent second hand shop the other day browsing the sf/f section for more Star Trek novels I don't have time to read and what really gets me, having read The Price of the Phoenix, is that Myrna Culbreath and Sondra Marshak didn't just get one Star Trek book published. No, what really gets me is they somehow got four published. Even though goodreads assures me they're all basically the same. I know there was very little editing for the early Star Trek novels but you'd think they'd do more gatekeeping than that, given that The Price of the Phoenix is one of the most incoherently written things I've ever read.
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([personal profile] cypher Jun. 17th, 2017 08:51 am)
[community profile] press_start_comm is open for nominations! Trying to pick the fandoms I want to do -- so many of my fandoms are games, and so far it looks like none of them are in the tag set yet.

Are you playing? What do you plan to nominate?
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([personal profile] cypher Jun. 15th, 2017 10:44 am)
Started playing Nier: Automata over the weekend and got the A ending last night. I'm super hype to start up again and go for the rest of the story, since it looks like a lot of the content is beyond the A ending. This game is so beautiful, both visually and aurally, and I'm grooving on the themes so hard.

And there was this one sidequest with an android scientist called Jackass, who wanted to collect combat data from watching us fight, and her dialogue after those fights was...well:
I needed to write it down )
SO THAT HAPPENED. talk about ficbait.

I love every robot in this bar.
I finally finished Chapter 2 of Higuarashi, Watanagashi! Do I know what is going on? Hell no! I have theories, of course, but nothing concrete yet.

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Next up, finishing off Nayuta no Kiseki (I'm about to start the After Story), then focusing my attention solely on The Caligula Effect ... until I start playing the sixth and seventh Ys games, Crisis Core, Night in the Woods, or War of the Lions in preparation for Final Fantasy XII coming out next month.
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([personal profile] thawrecka Jun. 12th, 2017 05:08 pm)
Continuum was great. I've almost completely lost my voice - which in part I can blame on talking so much when I never have to at work five days a week, but in part is due to three drinks before karaoke last night when I yell-sang for three hours, during which I realised I still know all the words to It's a Fine Life. I feel like I should type up my thoughts on all the panels but that would require brain power, which I'm not sure I have much of at this point.

I did say I was free to not write tonight until I slept off my tiredness but after being around people all weekend I'm positively buzzing with the desire to write, though I know not what.

I checked my email when I got home and Strange Horizons sent me a rejection for my story and is it wrong that all I felt was, "finally"? I feel like I'm suppposed to be more cut up over rejections than I am. Maybe it's because I was expecting a rejection and now that I've got one I can move on? I guess also the lack of immediacy means that by the time I get a rejection I've almost forgotten I submitted in the first place so I'm not so emotionally involved with the idea.
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([personal profile] thawrecka Jun. 11th, 2017 09:35 am)
• I stayed up until 2am last night frantically writing and re-writing a story to submit to a magazine, and this morning I woke up at 9:30 which is highly unusual for me. At least it's done and sent now, so I only have to wait for the obligatory rejection in 4-112 days.

• I watched Wonder Woman again last night, and it was even more emotionally affecting the second time. I cried three times but one of those times was the entire No Man's Land sequence. The friend I went to see it with hadn't seen it before and I noticed her wiping her eyes a few times during the movie. We talked all the way to the train station, after, about how great it was and how we're not even ready to hear criticism about it yet, we just want to love it. We joked that we could go to see it every week until it leaves the cinema (a joke because we can't afford that). Gal Gadot is so charismatic in this movie and there are so many things about it I love.

Also, honestly, I've never found Chris Pine attractive before but he was super working for me in this film. I think handsome love interest roles are his calling. And everyone else was so so gorgeous, and I want to swoon over Robin Wright as Antiope forever.

• Continuum has been fun so far, though I'm currently missing a Michael Pryor reading just by still having not left the house. I'm sad I've had to miss various interesting panels and that the disability, cityscapes and faster than light panels are all on at the same time tonight, so I can't go to see all of them. My favourite moment was during a panel yesterday when Seanan Maguire described how sometimes shows kill off a lesbian but it's a "load-bearing lesbian" carrying all the weight of representation, which I thought was a great way of putting it and also very funny. I have heard the odd super unfortunate thing about a couple of panels I did not witness, though, so as always, everyone's con experience is different.

• I'm trying to finish putting my face on this morning without too much make-up and my eyes are super puffy because I cried all that time during Wonder Woman and again when I was writing the story (which is not a good sign for the story) so I look a little scary right now.

I'm also feeling disappointed that the supposedly infamously homoerotic Star Trek novel I'm reading isn't anywhere near as homoerotic as I'd been led to believe. It's still not as homoerotic as the show. I mean, the original series had stuff like this. You have to work hard to be more ridiculous than that.