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And now we're back to memes!

The Question Meme!

Comment here with "Questions!" and I'll ask five questions (probably. maybe. guys I suck at asking questions) and you post them on your journal etc. etc.

• Do you have stereotypes about St. Louis v. Seattle? What are they and which do you find more "true" than others?
The biggest one I can think of right off the bat is the Seattle freeze. People in Seattle that you don't already know are across-the-board unfriendly. Or, I guess, antiseptic. People are polite enough, but they don't tend to smile genuinely. People up here are generally too cool for everyone else.

St. Louis, on the other hand, and maybe this is just because I'm native there, is full of people that you can strike a conversation up with and then leave. The high school thing is a big part of it-- and that's totally true. From St. Louis and meet someone else from St. Louis? You ask about high school. It says so much about a person, and not just in a "I'm judging your social status" way. I know a lot of people from a lot of high schools in St. Louis, so it's possible that there's a common thread and you can go from there. If nothing else, Midwesterners actively look for something to have in common with a stranger; Seattleites don't. Since this is how I'm used to connecting with people, it's hard.

• Where do you want to end up, when you "settle down" or do you not want to settle down?
I waffle on Seattle a lot. I love it here on some days and I go stir-crazy on others. The weather IS something to deal with. OTOH, I don't think I want to move back to the Midwest. The climate is so bad for me, but I'd love to have kids and be near my parents and sister. At the very least, I know 2,000 miles won't cut it. So maybe I'll go back to StL and maybe I won't. There's almost equal pull in all directions. The way this happens with me, though, is that I love something until I absolutely can't stand it anymore, and then it has to be gone. So I may do this with Seattle and I may not. We'll see how the cards are dealt.

• What are your app pings? Are there any instant turn offs?
Fail. Fail and some sort of culture shock. If we get romance fail in there, even better. I love imperfect characters, and characters with shit to work through and emotions and awkwardness in dealing with other human beings. I probably inject too much vulnerability in some of my characters (like Damian or Will) but I just love analyzing and playing with that sort of thing. Instant turn-offs for me would be characters who can't have those traits. I suck at playing people who need to be more manipulative and smarter and more heartless than everyone else. Likewie, I can't play incredibly well-adjusted characters. They just don't interest me.

• If you had to associate yourself with an animal, what animal would it be and why?
Well, usually it's seals, for obvious reasons (it's hard to extract yourself from your name). I don't think it's because of any inherent traits they show (hell, I don't even eat fish) but, ya know. I guess I also associate myself with collies. I had a wonderful, wonderful one who was always there to protect me (even when my dad and i were just play-wrestling, she'd nip at him). I like to think of myself as loyal and maternal and fun and in love with ORDER and everyone BEING IN LINE, so IF I HAD TO CHOOSE, sheepdogs would represent me.

• What is one thing that has made you happy recently?
I have more than one thing. The biggest thing was really that my family came to visit me. Being with them was the happiest I've been in some months. No one can get me laughing like my sister. She and I actually did a lot of bonding on this trip-- We're finally, I think, both at ages where we're in similar places, which I can't remember happening before, so I'd like to think we're closer as a result. We walked through the Pride Parade to get to where we needed to go and that moment, standing with her and being surrounded by such positive people was amazing.

Like I said, I'm terrible at asking questions, but I'll try!

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MAN I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. MIDWEST -> EAST COAST has been like woah why are people so rude?!?!?!

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... man that first answer of yours really shouldn't make me reconsider keeping the west coast/Seattle in my options for places to apply for jobs in, but. Friendly people!

Questionsssss. :>