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For those of you on Dreamwidth, yes, these are the MOST APPROPRIATE ICONS.

I don't cook much! I don't really enjoy food prep but I have to eat, and I've been trying to eat healthier. As of..... Monday with a hiatus yesterday. THAT COUNTS RIGHT?

Anyway, I made things tonight and they were tasty so you get to see the recipes + photos.

Turkey Burger Salad
-Mixed Greens
-Handful of blueberries
-Feta Cheese
-Peach Mimosa dressing
-Turkey burger

It's a little awkward because I ran out of buns, but it was soooo delish. IT SUPPOSED TO HAVE PEARS, BUT SOMEONE JUST HAD TO BE ALLERGIC. SO I had to figure out what to do with the pear.

Cranberry Brown Sugar Roasted Pears
- Preheat oven to 375
- Halve pears, remove seeds
- Butter glass pan
- Sprinkle brown sugar in pan (I used waaaaay too much. The original recipe called for a tablespoon of sugar, BUT GO CRAZY FOLKS I used easily a quarter cup 8Db)
- Place pears halved-side down, sprinkle sugar on top
- Bake for 20 minutes
- Take out, drizzle cranberry juice on top. Again, I used too much. BUT YOU GET CRANBERRY CARAMEL.
- Put back in, bake for 10 min.
- Remove, enjoy!

I found that with the sugar sauce on my plate, it was too sugary. Live and learn!

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