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I should preface this by saying that I haven't actually watched TV in a year, which is really the longest time for me. I'm unused to just having to deal with problematic things in media! KIND OF A LUXURY, I KNOW. That being said, I decided to give a new show a try. BECAUSE I WAS BORED.

Warning for rape and anti-feminist triggers :(

So, I know the CW is trashy. I'm watching ANTM this season. SO TRASHY. But I was like, hey! I like femme fatales! I like Asians in media! It could be interesting!

I didn't expect for it to hit on two of the laziest and most offensive female-oriented tropes in the first ten minutes.

Strike #1: Nikita's motivation for going rogue and living her life the way she does now is love lost. That's it. It's a dude. This super hot, amazingly efficient assassin changed her entire life over a guy. He proposed to her! THAT'S LIKE EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM, RIGHT? Now, the premise of the show is that Nikita is rogue. I get that! I respect that! But because she couldn't fall in love? REALLY? That's the laziest reason ever! What about being fundamentally uncool with being a pawn of the government? What about growing a conscience? If she can fall in love she can sure as hell get indignant about being wholly controlled! But no. All she wanted to do was settle down and when she couldn't do that, she berserked. I think I'm going to be sick.

Strike #2: The other main character, Alex, has a rape origin. Evidently brought to the US as a Ukranian prostitute at the age of 14, she got away from it and assimilated. On the one hand, she's like, "yeah, well, that happened and I got away. THIS IS MY NEW LIFE" or whathaveyou. On the other, rape origin should never be on the table. There are more motivations for women besides being in love and being exploited! I PROMISE.

So I know I should be less surprised. I KNOW IT. CW is trashy. TV IS TRASHY. But I am just. Very annoyed right now. Even when they're doing femme fatale and strong women they manage to make them unfortunate stereotypes dressed in leather.

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