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Let's hear for America's Suitehearts

[Download] | [39.02 MB]

So, the goal of this FST was to make a soundtrack narrative of Booster's arcs, starting with his origin/first appearances (America's Suithearts), meeting Blue Beetle and developing the best bromine in comics (chronologically, You're My Best Friend, Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl, and Maybe I Won't Die Alone), dealing with Ted's death (Fix You) and his multiple attempts to save Ted (Next Time), his ultimate failure in that (Empire of My Mind), the 52 arc with Supernova (Second Best), and finally coming terms with himself and his choices and moving forward (Song for a Friend).

Now you know how much thought I put into this… Originally I was going to dissect everything more but I'll let you do that!!


1. America's Suitehearts - Fallout Boy (Folie À Deux) Youtube | Lyrics
2. You're My Best Friend - Queen (Queen: Greatest Hits) Youtube | Lyrics
3. Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl - of Montreal (Cherry Peel) Youtube | Lyrics
4. Die Alone - Ingrid Michaelson (Girls & Boys) Youtube | Lyrics
5. Fix You - Coldplay (X&Y) Youtube | Lyrics
6. Next Time - Barenaked Ladies (Everything to Everyone) Youtube | Lyrics
7. Empire of My Mind - The Wallflowers (Red Letter Days) Youtube | Lyrics
8. Second Best - Barenaked Ladies (Everything to Everyone) Youtube | Lyrics
9. Song for a Friend - Jason Mraz (Mr. A-Z) Youtube | Lyrics

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