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The degree to which me exercising this morning was an unmitigated failure is really disheartening.

I mentioned earlier that I was staring a program that's designed to ease you into jogging. It looks really easy! And well-structured and >.<

But I didn't factor in my asthma as much as I should've. I did everything right! I took my morning inhaler + meds, then took my rescue inhaler ten minutes before leaving (as a preventative measure) and I stretched and walked briskly for seven minutes as a warm up. Then I jogged for a minute. The jogging felt good! My body wants to move in that way!

And as soon as I stopped jogging it was like someone had stuffed a sock full of ice cubes into my lungs and extracted each tooth on my jaw individually. I sat on a bench and took my rescue inhaler again. See, taking it before is supposed to be preventative. I've also heard that if you intentionally trigger an asthma attack and then medicate it, you can't have another one for awhile. The first one clearly didn't work and it took me 25 minutes to recover fulling from the latter.

So, what I've learned today is I can do: seven minute warm up, one minute jogging, and 25 minute cooldown. More than anything it's frustrating. Something is preventing me from the things I want to do, and it is making me embarrassed. I can't run to catch a bus without gasping like a fish for twenty minutes! In public! I look at walking routes based on how long and steep the hills are because there's a chance I'll just give up halfway.

And I feel like a whiner because Olympic athletes have asthma and millions of people have asthma! I am hardly unique in this regard, but it's still no fun to be ruled by a disease.

On the other hand, I'm going to try to get out and just walk since the weather is supposed to be so nice.

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