So tonight I went to a French conversation group! It was awesome. Everyone was really nice and the host, Marcel, was super pleasant and very good with the fact it turns out I don't speak hardly any French. But it was the first meeting and the listening practice was awesome. We did introductions and talked about the striking system in France and... various other things as well. I will def. do it again and I will probably try to brush up on my own between now and then.

The best part of the evening was before the group, though.

So, I was waiting for my bus at the stop and there were a bunch of people around and this older guy walks by and then does a double take and comes back.

Him: "vat nationality are you?"

I wanted to practice! And honestly my policy when creepy people approach me is to pretend I don't know what they're saying. So I said "je suis fran├žaise. De France" and he proceeded to speak to me in russian/english/french (luckily i knew more than him on the french part)

"I am Soviet. You know? These American kids... they are crazy. Idiots" (in a french accent) It continued in this way, with a little bit of pidgin French, some Russian, some English. Until I was unresponsive enough that he would leave.

On the plus side, there was a girl my age who I made contact with after the encounter so I ran over to her to freak out, and she was really sweet. A graphic design student at UW who was going to go to SCAD! And she speaks a little French. What are the odds, really. She's sweet though and now we're facebook friends and maybe we will hang out.

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( Nov. 18th, 2009 03:55 pm)
My sister is a genius and everyone should read her 8th grade journals.

Read it! Comment on it! Become a fan on facebook!

I think it is super rad. Plus, she wanted to be me, just for a day :')
*Balthier is now known as *Sir^Snugglebums

*Sir^Snugglebums is now known as *Sir^Snugglebums^Fluffybritches

They've all acquired some version of their name, but Sir Snugglebums Fluffybritches is my favorite.

No one should let me name/nickname things. Last thing I got to name before the cats was our ghost at school: Rodrigo Francesco Martino Von Waldo IV.