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wonderseal ([personal profile] wonderseal) wrote2010-01-26 07:40 pm
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Tiny little updates

+ Made breaded chicken fingers tonight. They were super delish.
- Working on getting my ear lobes to the point where they don't get infected every time I wear earrings. IT IS A BIT OF A PROCESS.
+ Am waiting to hear back on a job opportunity
- Am waiting to hear back on a job opportunity
± Just downloaded a bunch of Dave Matthews Band. I alternate between judging myself and enjoying myself.

Mostly I just figured this journal needed mundane things.
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[personal profile] regicidaldwarf 2010-01-27 09:01 am (UTC)(link)
Could you maybe have a metal allergy that's being triggered by the earrings? I had that problem when I first got my ears pierced - couldn't wear anything except high carat gold and sterling silver for years.