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2011-12-30 03:52 pm

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What is this. I don't even know anymore!!

Hello! I'm going to try to use this thing more I guess. Brush the dust off, give it a whirl. Why not!

I also think I'll try to paper-journal more. sketch, word vomit... relearn how to have a creative conversation with myself.

We'll see!!
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2010-12-03 07:24 am
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And the last night I had a dream wherein a I visited [personal profile] vector in Australia and that was fun, but [personal profile] polychromatic was already in Hong Kong and [personal profile] batman wouldn't come down to see us.

And then Edward Cullen was there and kind of awkward and hated his life. And I distinctly remember feeling like Ursula's alter ego, Vanessa, because I knew that Edward was in love with Bella but I wanted to steal him anyway! And apparently reveled in moments where he mistook me for Bella. IDEK.

[personal profile] vector, I'm sorry you had to share dreamspace with Edward Cullen.

I've never even read the books or seen the movies what is this, brain.
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2010-11-14 12:50 am


I guess people are doing Christmas stuff now??? Anyway, I designed my cards! And I'll do a bump for this closer to the season.


Comments are screened o/
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2010-09-11 01:44 pm
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So I have a plurk now. I... don't really get it, still, but I want to stalk people I GUESS.

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2010-09-11 01:01 am

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I'm sure people have already heard about this. I'M SUPER EXCITED YOU GUYS.

So yesterday I went to the doc for a follow up (love this one, btw) because last time I went for a specific purpose but had mentioned that my legs and asthma weren't so great.

Quick background on my legs: My muscles are super tight. When I do anything more than a casual amble, the fronts of my shins become incredibly painful. It's a "oh jesus this needs to stretch out" muscle pain, but of course any stretching or avoidance just makes it worse. Pretty much we've decided that something is preventing the blood from circulating properly so it just ends up hanging out and building up in there, or the tendons/muscles flare too much to let much oxygen get to the area. SO IT'S SUPER PAINFUL and I want to cry a lot. It makes things like recreational walking nigh-impossible.

For my lungs, it's pretty much just that I could breathe so long as I didn't push myself too hard. Walking a bit quickly to the bus? Taking a flight of stairs two at a time? No way, José. So I was surviving but not really thriving.

FAST FORWARD TO YESTERDAY my doc gave me a referral for physical therapy that I'll start in a few weeks and a new asthma medication to supplement the other ones.

You guys, it's only been one day but I'm so hopeful about this cocktail. I didn't have as much tightness this morning, I didn't have any symptoms when I hurried to my bus, and I jogged. Granted, it was like 100 feet but that would've sent me into a dizzy, fish-like state before, gasping for air. I was winded, yeah, but I could still (and can still) fill my lungs the whole way without using my rescue inhaler. I can't remember the last time I felt this way, and that's not an exaggeration. Just. SO EXCITED. Maybe I will go to the gym tomorrow and ride the stationary bike! TAKE THAT.

On the flipside, the drug has the potential to make me moody/nervous/aggressive which I can be pretty sensitive to, so if you note that these behaviors are above and beyond the norm, (maybe wait a bit but) please let me know... carefully XD I want to be able to note things accurately for my doctor but I don't always have that perspective!

ANYWAY. fweeeeeeee I think all this extra oxygen is infecting my brain :D
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2010-09-09 09:33 pm


I should preface this by saying that I haven't actually watched TV in a year, which is really the longest time for me. I'm unused to just having to deal with problematic things in media! KIND OF A LUXURY, I KNOW. That being said, I decided to give a new show a try. BECAUSE I WAS BORED.

Thoughts on CW's Nikita, warnings for possible triggers )
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2010-08-18 08:02 pm


For those of you on Dreamwidth, yes, these are the MOST APPROPRIATE ICONS.

I don't cook much! I don't really enjoy food prep but I have to eat, and I've been trying to eat healthier. As of..... Monday with a hiatus yesterday. THAT COUNTS RIGHT?

Anyway, I made things tonight and they were tasty so you get to see the recipes + photos.

Largish photos! )
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2010-07-04 03:15 pm

And now we're back to memes!

The Question Meme!

Comment here with "Questions!" and I'll ask five questions (probably. maybe. guys I suck at asking questions) and you post them on your journal etc. etc.

5 Questions from AJ )

Like I said, I'm terrible at asking questions, but I'll try!
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2010-06-06 09:14 pm

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[personal profile] batman IS A GENIUS, Y'ALL.

Gather 'round, children, I have a story.

So, my sister is funny. That really kind of cutting wit where she says something but also can't help but laugh at herself. I'm always looking for a way to one-up her on this. She's the oldest, since there's only me and her.

Some time in high school, Erin decided that she was sick of being the oldest. She was paving the way. She wanted someone to use as an example, to leverage arguments in her favor. She made up an older sister, named Kathy, to refer to. Laughing the whole time. I think the first time she used it, my mom went, "who the hell is Kathy?"

Ex. "You told Kathy she could stay out until 1 am" or, "You let Kathy go to the lake for the weekend with her friends!"

Except, you see, this backfired on her. My mother got wise, and would respond with: "Yes, well, Kathy is a nun feeding starving children in Nepal. She just got done climbing Mount Everest, and you haven't even cleaned your room." etc etc.

So, Kathy has been a running joke since her inception. Each time, her world travels get more extravagant and ridiculous.

So I'm gauging interest from you all particularly in the international community!

Would you like to play an epic prank on my sister and send kitschy post cards from your locale, detailing the adventures that "Kathy" is having? I'm not sure when I want to start this, or if I'll have a system in place, I'm just trying to determine if people would be into this, and if it would be doable.

Just think of it as amazing worldwide RP 8)
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2010-05-25 09:48 pm

(no subject)

Hey so, everyone I've talked to about stuff recently: THANK YOU. I'm healthy, and I appreciate the time you took out o/

Everyone else: carry on :x
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2010-05-15 01:21 am

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DO NOT finish book about Nazi Germany before going to bed. IT WON'T END WELL.

That being said, The Book Thief is a good book. Not quite as well paced, plotted, or executed as the last one, The Blind Assassin (seriously. Read it. If you're in the Seattle area, I'll loan it to you). Before that was A Wizard of Mars and even before that, A Killing in Comics.

BUT!! I don't have any new books to read, and I would like to start a new one on Monday. So, I beseech you for recs.

Criteria for recommendations:
+ Must be positively or optimistically oriented (please, no more mass murders. My heart can't take it at the moment. Tragic irony is not high on my list of things to look forward to right now)
+ Must have an engaging narrative style.
+ Must be something I can read on the bus (Yes, I do think people are judging me at all times from all angles when it comes to stuff like that)
+ Must be available in paperback. THOUGH IF YOU LIVE IN SEATTLE AND I COULD BORROW IT... I still like it to be purse-sized.

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2010-04-13 10:23 pm

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It's a little silly, but I'm feeling the groove.

When we were kids and my mom was putting us to sleep, we'd practically browbeat her into telling us two things she liked about us.*

So, comment here and I'll tell you two things I like about you. Possibly not tonight, but I'll try to get through it in a timely manner ♥

*If she repeated one AT ALL, EVER we'd make her do one over. WE WERE FEROCIOUS.
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2010-04-11 02:35 am
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I want to try to update a few times a week with REMARKABLE THINGS that occur!! So I can get into the habit of thinking positively.


I ran to a bus stop for at least a block and didn't have an asthma attack.

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2010-03-29 10:51 pm

(no subject)

Going on vacation to a land without cell phone reception or internet. Be back in the swing of things Mondayish.
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2010-02-15 01:43 pm

(no subject)

Whatever else I may say about my place of employment, they sent me a thank you card and a box of schwag for being so good natured about dealing with the cow guy. So as a reward for doing the most proofs (aka reincarnations of a design) ever, I got a stainless steel cup, a reusable bag, a really nice journal, some pens and mints.

For as much as I complain, they are good people and I may continue to freelance with them after I find steadier employment.

PS- I have an interview on Thursday. Will try not to let hubris affect the outcome.
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2010-02-14 12:21 pm

(no subject)

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a blast!
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2010-02-11 06:40 pm

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This article on the state of the modern American is an incredible read, and I highly recommend you take the time to read it. It has resonated deeply with me, if only for this quote:

We're Americans, goddammit. Ye shall know us by the tang of our bitter and untenable jadedness.