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( Jun. 6th, 2010 09:14 pm)
[personal profile] batman IS A GENIUS, Y'ALL.

Gather 'round, children, I have a story.

So, my sister is funny. That really kind of cutting wit where she says something but also can't help but laugh at herself. I'm always looking for a way to one-up her on this. She's the oldest, since there's only me and her.

Some time in high school, Erin decided that she was sick of being the oldest. She was paving the way. She wanted someone to use as an example, to leverage arguments in her favor. She made up an older sister, named Kathy, to refer to. Laughing the whole time. I think the first time she used it, my mom went, "who the hell is Kathy?"

Ex. "You told Kathy she could stay out until 1 am" or, "You let Kathy go to the lake for the weekend with her friends!"

Except, you see, this backfired on her. My mother got wise, and would respond with: "Yes, well, Kathy is a nun feeding starving children in Nepal. She just got done climbing Mount Everest, and you haven't even cleaned your room." etc etc.

So, Kathy has been a running joke since her inception. Each time, her world travels get more extravagant and ridiculous.

So I'm gauging interest from you all particularly in the international community!

Would you like to play an epic prank on my sister and send kitschy post cards from your locale, detailing the adventures that "Kathy" is having? I'm not sure when I want to start this, or if I'll have a system in place, I'm just trying to determine if people would be into this, and if it would be doable.

Just think of it as amazing worldwide RP 8)


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